This posting will be a permanent one.  One must answer the question of truth.  In answering this question, you will define every aspect of your life.  In answering this question, you will discover authenticity or hypocrisy.

I have found that most people have not considered this simple question – “What is your source of truth?”  Recently, I spoke at a prison conference with the title “Seek First.”  The key to all successful ministries is to first – seek first.  The word “first” with the meaning of “first, primary, first thing you do” appears 61 times in the New Testament.  It seems Jesus is trying to get our attention.  Before we do anything, seek Him first and wait until you secure His approval.  When Peter first asked if he could come to Jesus upon the water, he waited until Jesus said come.  If he had presumed upon Jesus, more than likely he would have called out saved me much earlier.

The Christians source of truth is Jesus Christ.  Our Lord inspired the writings of the Scriptures so that we have a verifiable source of truth.  In seeking the answer to any question, can can seek first His Kingdom, His righteousness and then all these things will be added to us.  We can study to show ourselves approved unto Him as we accurately handle His Word.

So the question – What is your source of truth?  If it is not Jesus and His Word – the Bible – then who or what is your source?  If it is not Jesus and His Word, then it is you!  That which happened in the days of Noah will happen now – everyone was doing what was right in his own eyes – relativism.

Let us seek Jesus.