Destination Character: The Process of God's Transforming Grace

“If someone asked, ‘Who are you?’ How would you answer? One soon discovers that fulfillment in life does not come with materialist possessions – Luke 12:15. We do not define who we are by the abundance of our possessions but by the personal character we model. Destination Character; The Process of God’s Transforming Grace assists a person in understanding how his or her present belief (value) system defines the character that is being exemplified.”

What is Your Source of Truth?  This book is a follow up to Destination Character.  Jesus stated He is “the truth” in John 14:6.  If your source of truth is not built on absolute eternal principles found in God’s Word – the Bible, then relativism – what seems to be right for the moment – becomes your self-centered way of determining what is best for you – not your family, community, or country.  You become your source of truth based on selfish desires.  We need a standard founded on principles tested by history that is  outside ourselves by which all decisions are based.

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