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Criminal Justice System – the desire of Destination Character is to impact the criminal justice system with the biblical approach of criminal justice.  It is found in Micah 6:8 – the Lord has told you what is good: to do justice (there are consequences of actions); love mercy (reach out to those who have been impacted by the criminal justice system and teach them to walk in the way of obedience); and you walk humbly in with your God (you do what is right according to the principles God has set forth in His word).  We are ready to speak to anyone about these principles and the true biblical reform of our criminal justice system.

Local Church MinistriesDestination Character Regaining Discipleship Conference – We will share in a revival context, conference, or seminar the principles of regaining discipleship in the local church.  The key is understanding God’s Word is absolute truth and that God is transforming us into the original image in which He created us.

Prayer Breakfasts – We would like to share the basic principles of discipleship in a prayer breakfast setting.

Supply Preaching – We are available to fill the pulpit in the absence of the pastor or during the pastor search period.

Youth Retreats – Assisting young people in discovering their person as originating from God as He created us in His image.  We are available to share during youth camps or weekend retreats.

Prison Ministries (both Juvenile and Adult) – We will work with the Chaplain or Prison Officials in teaching character building principles.  The desired outcome is that each person incarcerated as well as staff begin to not only live though exemplifying positive character but that each decision is based on a character trait.  This will transform the prison from a negative environment into a character based environment.  This is not an easy process in that each facility has a culture based either on the prison code of the inmates or the prison code of the correctional staff.  Contact us for more detailed information in either teaching character principles to the incarcerated or to the staff.

Please contact us for information relating to the facilities in which we are presently ministering.  The key to prison ministry is networking.  If we are not ministering in a facility you are inquiring about, we can refer you to a ministry that is effectively ministering in that facility.